We are proud of our team at Haibun and our staff retention supports our belief that we have created a happy and healthy work environment. We combine our individual strengths and continue to support and encourage each other in the pursuit of providing the highest level of service to clients.

Jason Rungasamy

Jason Co-Founded Haibun Partners LLP in 2005 and has heavily influenced the company’s growth

Stuart Knight

Stuart has been instrumental in the development of the firm and its standing in this specialised market

Matthew Cureton

Matthew has been an intrinsic part of Haibun Partners LLP since its formation in 2005

Jim Henwood

Since Co-Founding Haibun Jim has proficiently driven all aspects of the firms operations

Adrian Dixson-Smith

Adrian has been a representative of Haibun since inception and has played an important role in the company’s growth

Nikki Henderson

Nikki left a successful firm of solicitors to join Haibun in November 2012 as an administrator and assistant to Matthew Cureton

Lucy Moscrop

Lucy joined Haibun in January 2015, following roles as Executive Assistant and Marketing.

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