Comprised exclusively of high net worth individuals, our clients include current (and former) leading hedge fund managers and senior members of financial institutions. We also have a growing number of those who have escaped the City to set up their own ventures or are simply enjoying an early retirement. All of our clients are able to be classified as Elective Professionals.

Although our entire client base occupies the high net worth bracket, their respective requirements can differ enormously underlying why the need to provide a personal service is paramount to the success of our business.

Long term clients of Haibun recognise the benefit of being at the heart of our community. They enjoy a trusted two-way relationship that can afford them the highest level of service, a well-researched deal flow, administrative assistance, and continued reporting for the life of an investment.

Clients have also voiced their reassurance in knowing that the Partners of Haibun will often make personal investments in the companies and sit parri-passu with them, aligning interests and forging a closer understanding of an investors journey.


“Haibun has long been a valued and trusted provider of financial products and services to me.  I especially value their input in the complex world of tax-efficient EIS and VCT investments.  Just as important as the product is the service, and here the whole team stands out for their professionalism and responsiveness.”

R.P. (CEO, Fund Manager).


“I have always found Haibun to be very professional in their diligence and personal service. The opportunities they source offer me greater diversification and I know, once their correspondence arrives, that it is well worth my serious consideration. I look forward to many more years as a client”

A.H. (Ex-Chairman of FTSE 100 Company)


“I have been a client of the team at Haibun since the start. They continually surprise me with the quality of their investment ideas. As they have expanded and diversified over time, they have achieved that rare feat of maintaining quality and attention to detail. Furthermore, the team never shirks its responsibilities, and is always highly visible when we hit the occasional bump in the road.”

D.C. (Executive Chairman of a Software Group)


“Over the past 10 years, the team at Haibun have been thoughtful, dedicated and highly responsive. Indeed, no sooner have I sent in an email enquiry, and 10-15 mins later a response appears.  Investment ideas have been considered against my risk appetite and thus nearly always pertinent.  This has been complimented by a regular flow of information and where necessary sound guidance on action to be taken.”

P.E. (Senior Adviser to FTSE 100 Bank)


“I have been using Haibun since 2008 to allocate investment capital in both the private and public markets. I believe their access to top managers in the public space and their monitoring of client investments is best in class; few if any stones are left unturned. In the private space the team have had some very significant wins (whether in EIS or VCT form) from alternative energy to media. They have also, crucial in this area, kept on top of the changing tax structures. I am very happy to recommend them.”

W.d.W. (Ex-Fund Manager)


“I have been a client of Haibun for 10 years. I have always appreciated their advice and the differentiated investments they are able to offer. Through Haibun I have made EIS and VCT investments and real estate fund investments alongside more conventional fund investments including in hedge funds.”

T.C. (Managing Director, Investment Bank)

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Loss of protection warning:

A number of rules and protections which would otherwise apply to you will not apply if you are accepted to be treated as a professional client.

In particular:

  1. Communications, including financial promotions made by us, with professional clients are not subject to all of the requirements imposed by MiFID on communications with retail clients. Our communications must be clear, fair and not misleading. We may take into account your expertise as an elective professional client when complying with the requirements to provide you with a general description of the nature and risks of particular transactions.
  2. We will assume that an individual has an understanding of risk in relation to the products, transactions and services if classified as a professional client, and that you have the necessary level of experience and knowledge to understand the risks involved, and that you are able financially to bear the investment risks.
  3. Professional clients may not be eligible complainants with respect to the Financial Ombudsman Services.
  4. Information provisions about us, our services, and remuneration that are required with retail clients are not all required with respect to professional clients.
  5. With respect to non-advised services, we are not required to request information or adhere to the same procedures when assessing the appropriateness of a given service or product for a professional client.
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