Provider Relationships

Haibun have historically worked with those who have a strong management team, proven track record and with a diligent approach to client support and administration.

We strive to provide exceptional service to our clients. This has been recognised by a number of third parties that have shared their experience of working with us and our clients.


“We have worked closely with Haibun Partners LLP for over 9 years. Over that time, we have been deeply impressed by their relentless attention to detail, thorough due diligence and the time and sheer effort that they commit to getting ‘under the skin’ of every investment – not just at the outset, but over its entire life cycle.

Importantly, Haibun’s meticulous approach – combined with lashings of common sense – results in, we believe, genuinely better outcomes for both the investor and the investment manager alike. We have frequently incorporated their feedback into product design.

If they were to adopt a strapline, we would suggest “they do what they say they will do”. In financial services, you can’t ask for more than that.”

Ben Beaton, Partner and Head of Investment, Triple Point Management.


“In a world where people seek to make our financial lives more complicated, Haibun are a joy to behold. They find solutions rather than problems, and work extremely hard for clients, who consequently feel very special.”

Joel Cadbury & Ollie Vigors, Co-Founders, Longshot Limited.


“Over the many years we have worked with Haibun, at various different institutions both large and small, the experience has never differed – always diligent and professional, always highly analytical and above all, always focussed on ensuring the client gets a first class service.”

Jim Reeve and Dan Perkins, Great Point Media


“Stuart Knight and Haibun has been a key partner for PMM Partners over the last seven years. I am also proud to say that they have provided me with excellent financial and investment advice on a personal level for more than a decade. As well being a key fund raising partner for us, Haibun provide a key link between us and our investors during the life of our funds and unlike many IFA’s they take a long a term view of relationships with both providers and their clients.

I would fully recommend Haibun to both investment managers seeking a term fund raising partner and clients seeking the best.”

Mike Hilton, Founding Partner, PMM Partners.

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